Explaining the Unexplained

Each one of us begin with our days with different sets of ordeals and opportunities. Each one of us, though similar, have many significant differences. What is the cause for such stark differences?

My AtoZ of Chennai: Book Review by ishaspire

The chapters are precise and to the point and the language is simple. In total the book has 36 pages and 26 chapters. I would recommend you to read this book if you wish to be briefly acquainted with interesting trivia of South India.

Singing…Kehna Hi Kya

Singing has been one of my favourite ways to unwind and for the first time every, I'd like to share a recording of mine on my blog. Here I go!

Zeroing in on Lac Bangles

At Burrabazar, Kamal owns a humble stall full of beautiful bangles. I visited his stall to buy bangles for the upcoming wedding of my cousin. While in Jaipur and Hyderabad, it is common to find dedicated bangle markets, in Kolkata there aren't many options. The busy street next to Satyanarayan A.C. Market is one option... Continue Reading →

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