Apathy and Empathy

When I was in school, I used to commute everyday with two other friends of mine. We used to travel by a Rickshaw and ‘Chacha’ would pick us up everyday and bring us back home after school. His name was Mohammed and everyday after school, I would run out of the gates, excited to reach home. He would happily offer to hold our heavy bags and let us walk freely without any burden on our backs. With him around, we had to worry about nothing. He would be attentive to also minor occasional wounds and minor injuries that would happen as a part of being a young, playful active kid! He was one gentle soul with kindness in his heart and empathy for the ones in his life. I often fondly think about my childhood and ‘Chacha’ often features in those memories. He was a devoted follower of Allah and would pray regularly.

Incident 2

We were watching a movie the other day, my friend and I often planned such meet-ups where we would just watch a movie of our choice and chill. Today’s chosen movie was – The Schindler’s List. Filled with scenes depicting agony of the deportees, the movie was too much to take. She shivered slightly as she watched the scenes and tightly shut her eyes. I had similar reactions. The empathy that she had for others suffering was evident.

She is a devout believer of Islam and is a dear friend. I have known her as someone who tries to make people around comfortable in whichever ways she can.

Allah’s preaching have inspired them to live a life of Reham for Everyone and Ibadat with an honest heart. I have deep respect for the teachings and for the dedication and devotion that my friends have towards the religion. I look up to such devotion.

I somehow cannot make myself understand the purpose of sacrificing an animal and more so when it has such kind souls participating.

The people who I have known as kind and comforting will today sacrifice an innocent life. Will their hands not quiver? Will not the bloodshed question their peace of mind? Will not their screams appeal to their kind souls? I’m sure that deep down they believe that there is peace in letting live.

This is not about not respecting a religion, this is not about being intolerant, this is not about being a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, this is, in it’s rawest form, only about empathy turning into apathy.

Do we do, what we do, with proper consciousness and with the right intent? Is something stopping us and raising a question in our mind about whatever we’re doing, but we’re too occupied and are continuing to follow what is programmed within us? Can the sacrifice really make God happy? Spare a thought…have the courage to listen to the voice within. This applies to me, to you and to all of us.

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