Day At The Beach – Wanderlust Diaries

Earlier this month, I along with 3 other friends, went for a short 4 day trip to the City of Destiny. It was my first all girl’s trip after school days. A lot of beautiful places to see, Vizag can truly amaze you with its diversity. The city folks are blessed with beautiful beaches to spend their mornings and evenings at. Over our 4 day stay, we made sure to enjoy the beach-side as much as possible. To witness the sunrise or maybe the sunset, to get drenched in the salt water or to simply let the sand flow through our feet. My camera also was quite busy that day. Boomerangs, SnapChat, Instagram Stories and lot more it had to cover. We went to the beach thrice and it was on the first day when I completely fell for it. Couldn’t take my eyes off the horizon, wondering how far does it go? How would it be to surf the tide? Does the Moon in the sky converse with the waves often? The very first day at the beach was indeed special.

That day I caught a glimpse of a world that I often daydreamed about. Closer to the Paradise that I would often run towards, away from the city chaos – a rendezvous it was between the Sea and Me, the day I set my feet on the beach.

I met myself on that not so ordinary day, I spoke with me about the many unsaid wishes and plans, smiled at the follies that I was once ignorant about, took a journey back to the simpler times, to the childhood of fond memories when making sand castles and feeling the wind in my hair were few of the greatest joys.

The waves lashed, sky changed hues, the sand flowed through my feet and I with a smile, took a deep breath to let life cast it’s charm around me.

RK Beach – Vizag
Girls On A Trip – Beach Day – RK Beach
The Beautiful City of Vizag as seen from Kailashgiri Hills
The waves, city folks, skies and me!

Soon, I shall be writing about our trip in details. In the meanwhile, I’d love to know about your beachscapades! πŸ™‚