Time, Please stand Still!

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And the stopwatch has started ticking… 00:27:1 —– 00:39:9 —– seems to be running faster than heartbeats and the room temperature is chilling me to the bone.

Amidst tasks to do and people to meet, time seems to be so crucial to manage everything. Just like the hands of the clock keep ticking, we’re also always running, well at least most of the times. Are we always completely in that very moment that we’re living? Just like, I’m currently at my desk in front of my laptop wanting to write this awesome blog but my mind is busy thinking about the invitation to dinner tonight. We rush through one thing to be at the other and never really enjoy anything to the fullest.

This has also become so ingrained in each one of us that most of the times we don’t realize it. But, it is interesting to notice that when we’re doing something that we love the most, nothing else crosses our mind at least for those few minutes. Think about relishing a gooey choco-lava cake or about watching a sunset from the jet plane. No other thought crosses my mind when I’m doing any of these two things and several other such things. I’m sure you also must be having such things which get all your attention! Football? Trying on your favorite dress? Clicking the perfect photograph? Mastering a Tennis stroke? Humming a favorite tune? What gets your undivided attention? What makes you want to freeze time?

We live so much more in those moments. It’s wonderful how I feel so much more alive at those times. Notice, how we always keep running and are so unsettled with ourselves at all other times. I often miss how I feel when I’m completely present in that one particular moment and then I take out a cone of ice-cream and live the moment of joy! Yes, don’t judge me, I love ice-creams. It’s the best dessert I’ve ever known! I wish I could freeze time when I’m enjoying dollops of ice-cream.


It’s so wonderful how things change with time isn’t it? Buildings get weathered, people grow, feelings change, bonds upgrade and some downgrade. Towns change into cities, buds into flowers, shoots into trees, start-ups into successful businesses, restaurants into hotels, caterpillars into butterflies, man into ashes…

Time is a wonderful thing and the moments that want to make you freeze time are even more wonderful! We all share a unique bond with time. Agree? Let me know which moments have made you want to just stop the clock from ticking? Looking so forward to know more about your bond with time! 😉

The stopwatch now shows 29:34:8 and my thoughts now again begin to drift.


4 thoughts on “Time, Please stand Still!

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  1. Very well written Post on time concept.. It is said that time and tide wait for none.. And equally there are good times and bad times in our lives.. Further kingdoms are built and kingdoms vanished in time.. It’s the ultimate master that controls every one in this life.. A nice Post that I read on this Wow’s prompt.. Best Wishes!


    1. Indeed, we often try so hard to control everything without realizing that their are greater masters influencing each of our lives. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog post. 🙂 Wishing the best!


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