The Beauty of Timeless Dreams

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A huge crowd of excited audience, cheering for you from the 1000 acres of ground is an exhilarating experience to think of. The ecstasy of singing your very first line and the crowd going berserk for more is something that makes the performer beam with pride.  As soon as you begin singing, the insecurities begin to fade away, doubts of mediocrity, thoughts of past failures and disappointments don’t seem to exist anymore. A sense of upliftment, unmatched bliss and exuberance surrounds your very existence at that moment when you interact with your music-loving audience. The voice echoes and makes everything seem alright. You’ve made your mark, you’ve gladdened hearts, you’ve done justice to your abilities and you’ve made your dream come true! That’s the beauty of living your dream.

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Do you remember what you dreamed about in your childhood days? Was it your wish to be a successful singer? Did you dream of becoming a dancer? Did you enjoy penning down your poems and stories? Was it your hobby to bake cakes and cookies? Did the thought of playing in the national team give you goosebumps? What did you dream about? Which thought brought a smile on your face? Our dreams in my opinion always live with us. We go on in life, day by day…with thoughts of such dreams caressing our souls on every drowning day.

“We took such care of tomorrow, but died on the way there.” – Warsan Shire

My mom had a dream to sing. You should see the smile on her face when she is attending a musical program. She sings along with joy from the audience. Such evenings take her back to the days of her youth when she was on the other side – not listening and enjoying the music but amazing the audience with her melodious voice. She had partially lived her dream but there was more about her talent than that. She deserved more, she was capable of more, she still is and to watch her pursue her interest would make me happy. She chose a life of a homemaker years ago and is wonderful at it. She cooks delicious meals and takes care of everyone’s needs. But, what about her dream? She continues to amaze all of us with her songs and the religious hymns that she often sings. Her voice is still soothing and she still has the versatility. On a day that she feels unwell, I ask her to join me for karaoke sessions and it comforts her. Singing makes her appreciate life. That’s the charm of timeless dreams. So many of us give up on our dreams. So many of us succumb to the life’s many responsibilities. It’s unfortunate to watch the zeal die with time. Household chores, making a decent living and the many responsibilities weigh us down and we begin to live a robotic life. It makes me feel uncomfortable when my mom argues that her age of chasing her dreams is gone. Why? Why do we measure the practicality of our dreams with age and time? Does it not fill up your heart with joy anymore? Did the happiness that you feel change over time?

There are ways to make dreams come true. It might not be exactly the way you planned decades ago but we can still make it happen in a different way. Don’t stop believing in them. So many chicken lovers would’ve missed out on KFC if Harland Sanders linked dreams with his age. Countless friendships that were built because of the common love for the wizard boy wouldn’t have existed if J.K Rowling decided to not follow her dreams because she was not in the society-established dreamful 20’s. I too have dreams and I know not when they will be true, I know not if my efforts are enough, I know not if that day shall ever come.  Am I thinking of idealistic situations? Should I be more realistic? Maybe…maybe that will keep me calm, maybe that will ensure peace of mind. After all, dreaming isn’t easy, it takes courage to fight against all odds. It takes unprecedented conviction to follow your dreams. It requires constant reminders to continue when the voice within us tells us to stop. A lot of sacrifices go into making it come true. But, the many stories that I read about people living their dreams even when they are on the other side of their 20s gives me hope.

Here’s to everyone out there who is striving to pursue their passion. You’re amazing. It’s never too late to pick up the mic and sing your favourite song, it’s never too late to set up your bakery, it’s never too late to enjoy a game of football. Recently, a brilliant set of ad campaign was rolled out by Amazon – #MomBeAGirlAgain and that very well voices my thoughts about living your dream. Here’s hoping that we find the courage to go on. Here’s hoping that we don’t give in to others opinions. Here’s hoping that the way my mom continues to enjoy singing, we all do too!

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