More sunlight, more candor…

A sneeze is enough to set most of us worrying about our physical health. Visits to the doctor is a mandate for every small physical ailment, which possibly can be healed even with home remedies. But, we prefer to not take a chance. Every home keeps a box of medicine handy for all kinds of physical ailments but what for our minds? Nothing? Why? A child is taught about hygiene since the beginning but how often do we talk to them about taking care of their emotions or guide them to be happy? Why do we treat our physical and mental health differently?


Our mind and body are dependent on each other. Ignoring your mental health isn’t a wise thing to do. We must put an end to the social stigma that prevents people suffering from poor mental health to seek help. Whenever you feel an urge to mull over past failures, remember to distract your mind to something else. Even a minute of distraction can help you to fight the urge. When practiced every day, you will no more be troubled with those thoughts and you would’ve successfully fought that harmful habit!

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation about illness that affect not only individuals but also their families.” –

I know how difficult it can be to battle the thoughts in your mind. But, It’s not difficult to make it all go. A talk with someone who cares, a different perspective, a different dream is all you need. You’re not alone. Feel the love around you. You’re valuable and important for many. You are needed by a huge number of people. They need you to make them alright. Always, hold onto faith and remember there is something that needs you. Your purpose is not yet over. Don’t give up before serving your purpose. Strive to make that dream come true. Strive to experience the success after your struggle. Pat your back for making it till here! You’re stronger than you know. I write this after having read and heard of many such experiences. Trust me, it is when you hit rock-bottom, that you get the chance to start all over again, to start again with a renewed energy, zeal and a fresh new motive. There are more milestones to achieve. There are more reasons to celebrate. You cannot lose, no, not just yet. That is not what you were meant for! You’re your own story. Nobody knows you more than you do. Show them that you can live life with a smile and a purpose! We’re in this together! 🙂 Why not pick up a hobby? Why not let the rain drench you? Why not take a long bubble bath? Why not enjoy a game of carrom/ludo/cricket? Why not catch up with dear old friends? Why not let the bygones be bygones? Life isn’t worth stressing over any such temporary disappointments. If you want to be efficient for all the situations that life will throw at you, train yourself to be calm. Train yourself to look at the situation from a different perspective. Train yourself to be grateful. Everything is now going to be alright. Here is a Ted Talk by Guy Winch that I’d like to conclude with. Keep smiling and know that suicide is not the solution, it doesn’t help!

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