P for Papa! 

Reaching almost till the shoulders of my dad, today I try to discuss with him financial matters, stock market, passive income and job issues, religious beliefs, politics and basically all these things that define almost all our dads. The little baby that he taught how to speak when she struggled with monosyllabic sounds now helps him with his tech queries. We sometimes fight, we have arguments over difference of opinions and eventually we also make up. Sometimes he is the one compromising, sometimes I’m the one understanding.

A lot of memories come flashing as I ponder over the years that i’ve been his daughter.

Some years ago, on the first day of my very first job, he insisted to come along and see the office and meet the people who I would work with. It brought a smile on my face. I never stopped him because secretly I liked it when he was so protective about me. It filled me up with a sense of pride to realize that I was always cared for by him.

Just like a jovial young child, fathers also can jump with excitement and scream with joy. A certain incident reminds me of papa’s this side. When I was a few years younger, I had participated in our school’s annual sports day. My task was to perfectly balance myself atop the human pyramid to gain the valuable points for our house. Papa was in the stands looking out for me. The moment he saw me climb up, he got up from his seat delighted and waved his hand from the crowd. He walked to reach the center of the stands to get a better sight of his daughter’s performance and with pride kept calling my name. This was his way to express his love. I’m sure I must’ve blushed then. He did not care about anyone, just wanted to ensure that I see him cheering me. Later on papa and ma also participated in the parent’s race! 😊

He enjoys a fair share of embarrassing us with typical dad moments. He mingles with our friends and he cracks jokes with them, shares embarrassing childhood photos of K and me with them too! 😑

When it comes to the household chores, till date, he makes a consistent effort to #sharetheload

I vividly remember how he would iron our uniforms for K and me and would come to drop me to school. Those walks were indeed special. There are also memories of many birthday celebrations which mummy and he planned with so much excitement. If I could, I’d love to relive those days once again! Like flowing water, moments of childhood do not come back…but they do make the ocean of life beautiful with all the memories. 😊

Rewinding back to a few more years, I recall all the heroic stories of rajkumar (prince) and pariyan (fairies) and rajkumari (princess) that he used tell me. Those storytelling sessions solaced me as a toddler. Whenever I wasn’t being able to fall asleep, I would ask him to tell me a story. He enjoyed it too and made it a point to read new stories to tell me every night. Akbar Birbal, Bikram and Vaital were our favourites. I would get engrossed in those stories and would fall asleep soon. Wish I could enjoy this privilege even now.

Such a huge role dads play to help us sail through the journey of life. Nothing can encourage more than a pat on the back from him, nothing can make a celebration merrier than his presence. I wish it was easier to express how I feel about you. I may not say, but papa, you are precious and always will be. 😘

Thank you for always caring for me. Whenever I happen to teach alphabets to anyone, P for will always be Papa. 😊

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