Why do we all exist?

They say ‘People around you influence You.’
What is Individuality then?
Is not every individual born with a sense of specific reason to exist?
The purpose is sometimes revealed with deeper meditation or by a simple comment of a family member or a relative which tells you about your your purpose of being.

Like the tender shoot, breathes in the sunlight with the aspiration of blooming into brightest green plant, with the sweetest smelling flowers on its boughs and the juiciest fruits dangling at its tips,
It is its purpose for existence! To hold its tip high up in the sky and sway merrily in the breeze!

The message to convey in simpler terms is :

‘Every soul which is born has a reason to survive for his period of existence.’
By reason I don’t indicate A successful Job, Bank Balance, Posh Apartments and endless Happiness.
By reason I mean :
The purpose of Life and the story of the Individual, complete and resplendent with Happiness, Tough Lessons, Survival and Struggle!
The experience of bliss, the strive to seek the uncrossed territories of enlightenment.

Every soul lives for a purpose.

While one wants to Be a dutiful Son/Daughter and fulfill every wish of His/Her parents, the other might want to be an all round achiever with ambitions for career, sports, finance and fun.
Then there might be someone who wants to be the richest, or someone who would want to be the responsible homemaker to a new family.
There might be that old grand-parent  who wants to travel his favorite place before he breathes his last. Then there will be that small bright-eyed boy who wants his favorite toy!

The reasons and ambitions are varied and the form changes with time.
Look around You every individual will be with some wish, purpose or craving in their eyes.

Existentialism  is the theory which says that every individual surviving is breathing with a purpose, around which his actions revolve.
The reason for survival on the whole is a philosophical truth which is uniform for every being.

The individuality of a person depends on various reasons ranging from:

  • The place of birth.
  • Political conditions and flow of thoughts of the country.
  • Family beliefs.
  • Education opportunities.
  •  Degree of exposure to love and concern or neglect and terror.
It shapes the individual into an adult who chooses his source of influence. 
It defines his own dreams, wishes and justification of behaviour.
It is often the half-known facts about a person’s tale which makes us judge them wrongly.

The reason to exist for a purpose is Existentialism!

Calvin Gets Existential! 😀

Philosopher of the 19th century, Soren Kierkegaard is regarded as the father of existentialism. In the 20th Century German philosopher, Martin Heidegger influenced other existentialist philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Albert Camus.

Understanding the varied reasons and aims of individuals gives us a better understanding about them. 

Next time we probably will understand someones anger better, realise the smile with more connection and tears wont be irritating!

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