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Cold, chilling and an almost lifeless glacier is from where my journey begins. Meandering through towns and forest slopes, I have, over the years, heard many different stories and seen many emotions on the human face. I have flowed many miles, touched upon countless cities but I don’t know why I have a soft spot for Kolkata. They call me ‘Hooghly’ here. A dock and port is what I am for many, a holy site I’m for many more, a source of livelihood for others and a favourite place for many lovers to spend life’s merry moments at. Even artists and photographers find inspiration on my banks!
I’m happiness for a group friends who spend evenings near my bank. I’m peace for someone who is having a hard life. I’m hope for someone who has lost a dear one. Hope that tells them that, I will honour the ashes and ensure that the soul rests in eternal peace.
I feel honoured when some people believe that a dip in my waters will purify their souls. I feel overjoyed to see friends and family enjoy the soothing breeze. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, I have witnessed in this beautiful city of Kolkata. But, there is a different side to my story. Perhaps, a side that no one seems to care about.
While I feel blessed to have you all around, there are some instances which deeply hurt me. Is throwing paper cups in the water, after you are done with your riverside tea, a way to say that you love me? Is it a way to thank me when you let the chemical waste flow from your factories contaminate me? Do you think twice before carelessly discarding plastic bags into the water? Your mistakes make my life painful. I sometimes scream and roar to let you know that I’m hurt. Don’t my painful screams reach you? Why do you turn deaf ears to me? Can you please stop doing it? It won’t be very difficult if you realize the role that I play in your lives. To begin with, keep plastics away from me. Spread awareness about not polluting my waters. If you have a factory, cooperate with state pollution control board and follow their instructions. Just … please care! Help me to stay clean and happy. I will, in turn, ensure that you have a healthy environment! Won’t that be great? 🙂 Let’s enjoy the bond for many more years!

Posted by Isha

I love to daydream, design, sing and read about perfect vacations! Writing is my way to escape into my make-belief world and re-think about life's various incidents. You can often find me lost in my own thoughts, absent-mindedly also staring at someone in the process! :p When not thinking too hard, I play board games with my mom and chat and hang out with my friends. Let's know each other better by the way of words. :)


  1. Lovely beginning. A smile spread across my face as I read Hoogly. 🙂


      1. you’re welcome. 🙂

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