That Ball of Fur

Here is the Sunshine!
Here is the Sunshine!

Constant sounds of soft mews were heard since morning. We wondered where a kitty was stuck. After a while on the roof of a building across ours, we spotted two little ones. It seemed they wanted to jump onto the terrace floor. Next day it managed to reach close to our home. By afternoon we got to know, one of the kittens had got killed by the dogs in the compound. We decided to keep the other one until it got older enough to take care of herself.

I was thrilled! A brand new pet to call my own! She was white in colour with patches of grey on her and was the cutest adorable ball of fur! A blue basket was cleaned and layered with a fresh piece of cloth for her to rest, outside our home on the second floor. She was hungry, tired and scared. After licking clean a bowl of milk, she seemed a little at ease. Mummy was totally comfortable in holding and caressing her. It was easy to guess that she loved the warmth of human touch. Lukewarm milk and occasionally homemade snacks formed her diet.

At night we would keep her in the basket which was kept in the kitchen and during daytime she was allowed to go on her stroll till the first floor.

On the second day, we saw her health deteriorate and took her to the vet. He told us that kitty had caught cold and prescribed medication. Mummy began giving her the necessary dosage along with suitable nutrition. Next day, she took her again to the vet for the general check-up. Her condition was improving. We also got to know that it was a male kitten!

By the third day, he was much better and was again his playful self. Lazing in the sun was his favourite thing to do.

As days rolled, he made significance space into our lives. After papa, would return from office, he would also make it a point to first see him and then sit for dinner. Our lap was his safest haven! We all had given him fond names as well!

Over the course of days, he had a lot of visitors. A number of cousins and my sister came to play with him. He was the star!

On Saturday at 3:30, I received a call from mummy. ‘The kitten has died, she said’ It was shocking. The dogs had killed him when he by mistake went down to the compound floor.

There he was lying on the floor cold and lifeless, it was the worst sight.  Wish, he would have stayed in her basket, safe and sound. Wish there wouldn’t be dogs that day… wish somebody would’ve saved him. How could he die so soon? She barely was a month old. We all wanted him back wishing upon a star that maybe this was not our kitty but some other kitten…But no amount of missing and craving would bring him back.

All we were left to do was console ourselves and re-watch his photos and videos. He had filled the week gone by with fun and happiness and made my wish of having a pet come true. I realized how a pet can redefine trust. It is the best ever feeling when a pet trusts you and is no more scared of you. He along with it also reminded us of an important lesson that nothing is permanent and detachment is the best thing one can practice.

May your soul rest in peace. Thank you for giving us this one happy week.

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